NKD Living Stevia Liquid Vanilla 50ml


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NKD Living’s Vanilla flavoured stevia liquid is a liquid sweetener extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant, with a hint of vanilla. Only the best tasting least bitter extract of the stevia leaf (Rebaudioside A at 95% purity) is used, giving it a dynamic sweetness without the bitterness associated with other stevia products. It Works well in home baking, adding to yoghurt ,smoothies and protein shakes. There are four different flavours, Pure stevia, vanilla, caramel and chocolate, all derived from natural flavourings. Each bottle contains zero calories, has a GI of 0 and comes in a compact 50ml bottle with a glass dropper for on-the-go convenience. It’s great for diabetics, if you’re on a diet or just about anyone with a sweet tooth!

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