Collana Verde Italian (Campania) Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml


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Collana Verde extra virgin olive oil is made from a blend of Itrana, Leccina, Frantoiana and Cicinella Sessana olives picked by hand and cold-pressed on the same day. This ensures that our olive oil retains all the flavours from the olives with notes of fresh almond, artichoke and green grass.

Our method of harvesting and the olive pressing modern techniques ensure the oil is full of nutritional values and is very low in acidity.

Our four hectar terraced olive grove is situated on volcanic mountain slopes in the north of Campania, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. We grow local olive varieties (Itrana, Leccina, Frantoiana and Sessanella), which make a well balanced fruity olive oil with notes of fresh almond, artichoke and green grass. The organic design of the olive grove has remained unchanged for hundreds of years giving the trees the generous space they need to absorb nutrients and light. This, combined with the rich volcanic soil, the high altitude and Mediterranean climate, creates perfect conditions to produce the finest olive oil.

Our olive grove is organically farmed. We hand pick the olives and mill them on the same day to create an extra virgin olive oil with the lowest level of acidity possible and to retain fragrance and flavour from the fruit.

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