Belvas Belgian Thins Dark 100% With Pure Cacao Nibs 80g


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Hand made Healthy Snacks with Pure Dark 100% with Pure Cacao Nibs

Organic Cocoa 100% – pure cocoa nibs.

BELVAS selected an exceptional cocoa bean to enjoy a boundless gourmet degustation : The Piura Blanco.. This white cocoa bean comes from the cooperative NorAndino (Peru). This variety of Criollo bean leads to a cocoa full of character, fruity, authentic and intense. To preserve the full potential and spirit of the Piura Blanco, Belvas has kept its original nature without adding any sugar from any type.

Tasting Tips : Start by drinking a glass of water. Break a small piece and let it melt on your tongue and close your eyes ! After a few seconds, all the spicy flavours will spread onto your pallet and bring you to the heart of the Peruvian Mountains in the Piura region !

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