Mothers Ruin – Old Tom Gin 500ML


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nMother’s Ruin Old Tom Gin is a modern take on an old gin tradition. Aromatic, with a beautiful balance of both spice and herb. Sweet orange peel, vanilla pods, bay, nutmeg and coriander seed are layered over a base of juniper and orris root with a trace of Demerara for character. Distilled in our tiny copper still Naomi, the whole glorious potion is then rested for a few weeks to let the flavours merge and balance. nnOld Tom is a slightly sweeter and more richly flavoured gin by comparison to the London Dry gins we have all come to love. Named after the sign of a black cat which hung over 18th century illicit gin palaces Old Tom is making a modern comeback as its? stronger flavour profile is great in cocktails.nnUnfiltered for a full depth of flavour this handmade gin is delicious, smooth and beautifully spiced.

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