Favela Cerveja – Premium Brewed Organic & Vegan Lager 330ml


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nA delicious light and refreshing beer. Vegan, Organic and Gluten Free.


From Leblon to Copacabana, Barrio to Beach, Rio is a place where the music of the streets moves to the rhythm of the waves. Where the flavours of hillside favelas mingle with the tropical heat of its white sands, and where the pulse of the city is reflected in the beauty of its people. This is the place where Favela Cerveja was born. Back in 2013 we landed in Rio with not much more than a fistful of Real, a couple of beach towels and an idealistic vision that there was more to life than the London grind. There had to be a way to capture the energy, soul, and free-spirited vibe of Brazil?s greatest city. Inspired by the sites, sounds and flavours of Rio, we created a Lager that adopted the independent spirit of its people ? a beer defined by freedom, passion, colour and confidence.

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